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Hunter River Remediation Project(Australia NSW)




BHP Billiton Limited operated the former BHP Newcastle Steelworks on the south bank of the Hunter River in Newcastle. As part of the steel making process by products were produced some of which were discharged through cooling water and stormwater systems into the Hunter River contaminating the river sediments.  The objective of the Hunter River Remediation Project (HRRP) is to dredge these sediments and treat them. The contaminated sediments are transferred to Stabilisation Buildings in which the material is stabilised by adding a mixture of slag and cement.  These activities are release VOC emissions and possibly some dust into the Stabilisation Building head space. The Stabilisation Building needs to be maintained at a negative pressure to contain the contaminants liberated by the activities within.  The Emissions Control System (ECS) treats the ventilation air extracted from the Stabilisation Buildings.


The ECS is comprised of a an automatic control system which controls the operation of a large fan and related process equipment.  The operator interface is BoxVue which comprises PCVUE SCADA software running on an industrial panel mount PC.  PCVUE is responsible for system visualisation, set-point access, alarm monitoring and data logging.