ARC Informatique Integrates Dream Report™ Into PcVue

ARC Informatique Integrates Dream Report™ Into PcVue
Sèvres - ARC Informatique and Ocean Data Systems announce a worldwide partnership and distribution agreement for Dream Report™ reporting software.

“Dream Report™ comes with unique key features that enable our customers to produce dynamic, meaningful reports.” said Alain Faisant, Marketing and Sales Director of Arc Informatique. “This software is designed for our market. It connects to multiple sources and collects process automation data from them. It also uses the latest technologies for making reports available across the Web. We are delighted to offer the most intuitive report design studio available in our market today. The combination of PcVue and Dream Report software will increase the usage and performance of the overall solution, bringing customer satisfaction.”

ARC Informatique is a leading actor in the arena of supervisory solutions. For more than 20 years the company has been providing monitoring and control software to thousands of customers and OEM partners worldwide, such as the major accounts of ALSTOM and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC. Initially positioned in the automation market, the company is focusing on information integration at the enterprise level. One of its strategic directions is to provide a complete software architecture to bridge the gap between field and enterprise applications. By offering an integrated reporting tool complementary to the supervision, ARC Informatique enables an increase in enterprise-wide visibility by proactive management of the equipment. The reports can integrate raw data, analytical data and alarms from diverse systems and databases, both by schedule and on demand.

"We are very pleased that Arc Informatique has selected Ocean Data Systems for their reporting solution. Dream Report™ is rapidly gaining recognition as the best reporting solution for automation." said Dominique Dias, CEO and President of Ocean Data Systems. "Our technology and recognized experience are making Dream Report™ the solution of choice for the leading suppliers in this field.”

About Dream Report™
The proliferation of systems has created diverse data sources, making plant management difficult. With Dream Report™ customers have a complete solution for collecting data from multiple data sources and managing the equipment with a single tool. Designed for the automation market, Dream Report™ integrates in one user-friendly environment a Data Logger to aggregate and log alarms and data into any database, a Configurator for creating report templates, plus a real time Report Generator to run and distribute reports automatically. Decision-makers will no longer suffer from a lack of information. Dream Report™ quickly provides up-to-date reports anywhere, enabling immediate sharing of information to assist with decision making. This leverages information deployment, increasing day-to-day efficiency and profitability.

About Arc Informatique
ARC Informatique is a recognized supplier of supervisory and HMI software for tracking and control applications. For over 20 years, ARC Informatique has consistently demonstrated its leadership in plant automation by developing highly innovative software solutions to facilitate the management of an industrial site.

PcVue is ARC Informatique’s flagship product. Available in multiple languages, the product is installed in thousands of sites worldwide, with over 26,000 licenses sold to prestigious companies in many markets. These include CERN, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, ALSTOM, JUMO, GAZPROM, RENAULT, HINES, SANOFI-AVENTIS, RHODIA, VEOLIA WATER and Paris Airports. ARC Informatique has offices in Europe, the USA and Asia. It distributes its products worldwide through dedicated partners and distributors, and ensures a high level of commercial and technical services. (

Dream Report: all-in-one reporting software

Dream Report enables you to acquire data from the communication drivers or from an OPC client. It can also be directly connected to Supervisor and to DCS, MES etc. products, and to use their historical data to create reports.

With an intuitive and secure HMI, Dream Report is the most convenient way of generating the most popular reports. With its runtime engine, you can generate reports instantly, even from large volumes of data. 
Dream Report’s graphical editor provides all of the normal toolbars needed to create the reports. Users can easily copy, paste, align, handle, size and colour any kinds of objects, images and texts. Also any group of elements can be saved into a library of objects for repeated use. 

Finally any page of a report, or the whole a report, can be saved as a reusable model. 

Dream Report generates protected reports in .PDF format. These can be sent by email to a list of recipients, printed on any printer connected to the network, saved to disc and/or published on a Web site.