ARC Informatique Introduces Version 8.0 of PcVue SCADA Software

ARC Informatique Introduces Version 8.0 of PcVue SCADA Software

ARC Informatique, one of the first European companies to develop SCADA, MES and HMI solutions, has announced that version 8.0 of its PcVue software is now available.

This new version is designed and validated for Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003 environments. It improves the effectiveness and user-friendliness of application development and brings innovative features for designing mimics including 3D objects and new Web based services.

PcVue, already renowned for the user-friendliness and power of its graphical editor, is now equipped with new functionalities for use of 3D objects (e.g. from CAD software), to enhance the realism of mimics of supervised installations. Standard animation features enable 3D objects’ properties to be linked with the changing values of data gathered by the Supervisor.

These new functionalities can be applied to existing projects when migrating an application, by mixing 2D and 3D mimics within the same project. They do not require any special environment to run. Smart Generator is a new component integrated into PcVue that co-operates with third party applications for automatically generating all or part of the supervisory application (databases, objects, mimics etc.). Synchronization mechanisms ensure the coherence of the data shared between the applications. Smart Generator already supports Schneider Electric’s Unity platform and will support Echelon LonWorks technology next.

PcVue offers Microsoft Web Services, based on .Net technologies. These give access to supervisory information from Web-based applications, irrespective of the environments and languages that support them. Web Services technologies also help to furnish the users with aggregate data and to simplify Web Portal, Hypervisor or MES implementation. The safety and authentication mechanisms guarantee confidentiality of data access. The Web Services provided by PcVue rely on the Microsoft IIS Web Server, to supplement PcVue’s safety strategy and facilitate integration with a company’s information system.

PcVue 8.0 also offers support of Windows Terminal Server architectures, optimization of processes for data exchange in multi-station architectures, new features in the WebVue client and use of a Wizard to simplify creation of multi-station systems, etc.

About Arc Informatique
ARC Informatique is a recognized supplier of supervisory and HMI software for tracking and control applications. For over 20 years, ARC Informatique has consistently demonstrated its leadership in plant automation by developing highly innovative software solutions to facilitate the management of an industrial site.

PcVue is ARC Informatique’s flagship product. Available in multiple languages, the product is installed in thousands of sites worldwide, with over 26,000 licenses sold to prestigious companies in many markets. These include CERN, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, ALSTOM, JUMO, GAZPROM, RENAULT, HINES, SANOFI-AVENTIS, RHODIA, VEOLIA WATER and Paris Airports. ARC Informatique has offices in Europe, the USA and Asia. It distributes its products worldwide through dedicated partners and distributors, and ensures a high level of commercial and technical services. (