Boxvue - Embedded PC HMI and Touchscreen





The BoxVue®  is a rugged and stylish barebones system suitable for embedded applications stand alone or rackmounted.  Its effective ventilation is achieved by the mesh design of the front panel.  No actual tool is needed to release the top cover of chassis, simplifying integration and field service. 

This barebone system includes a 180-watt power supply, 3.5" 120GB hard drive for Data archiving and one PCI expansion slot. Loaded with PcVue HMI and Webserver it is ideal for providing web remote access to multiple sites scattered geographically.



  • Tool-free mechanism to open the top cover
  • Rugged and stylish design for harsh environment.
  • Dual DDR2 Memory DIMM 2GB
  • 4 COM Port, 6 USB, 2 Ethernet ports
  • Full PCI slot for interface card.
  • rackmount form factor
  • XPE OS and preloaded HMI PcVue software license and MS SQL Express




BoxVue®TS,  is powerful and robust panel PC based on Intel® ULV Celeron processor with Intel® 910 GMLE chipset.  It features high computing power, high brightness and also provides expansion slots for PCI add-on card.  The aluminum front panels, the rugged design of BoxVue® TS can withstand tough industrial environments. It meets most requirements of interactive client like HMI, Automation. Wall mounted or Panel mounted applications with NEMA 4 mounting with IP65 requirements.



  • High Brightness and long MTBF 15" Industrial grade panel
  • 5-Wires resistive Touch screen
  • Dual DDR2 Memory DIMM 2GB
  • 2 COM Ports, 4 USB, 2 Ethernet port
  • One expansion slot for PCI add-on card available
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Aluminum front panel meet with IP65 Certification
  • XPE OS and preloaded HMI PcVue software license and MS SQL Express
  • XPE OS and preloaded HMI PcVue software license and MS SQL Express


BoxVue® µ


The BoxVue µ®  Built with Intel US15W chipset, WEBS-2121 takes advantage of Intel® AtomTM  Z530 technologies.
This system features ultra low power, low heat and ultra small size. Ultra small size of system is good for saving user’s space and also good for mounting on the Panel back. This system with two storage interfaces and good for data access by the user.
Robust, fan-less and compact structure design makes it perfect for Thin client, Industrial control, DS, Home automation and Medical applications.



  • Intel® AtomTM processor Z530,  1.6 GHz and System Controller Hub US15W
  • Ultra low power and Fan-less design
  • One 200-Pin SO-DIMM supports DDR2 SDRAM up to 2GB
  • 120 GB SATA 2.5” HDD
  • Compact and user-friendly design is good for installation and maintenance
  • XPE OS and preloaded HMI PcVue software license and MS SQL Express