ARC Informatique PcVue SCADA version 8.10


ARC Informatique releases PcVue SCADA version 8.10

ARC Informatique has released the latest version of its flagship SCADA product PcVue version 8.10. This will be available throughout ARC’s worldwide subsidiary and distributor network. There is a Full Chinese version for this release with all help files in Chinese as well.

The major functionality in PcVue 8.10 is our Historical Data Server (HDS) based on a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database. This offers the user an industry standard database format for data and alarm logging. Compatibility with other applications such as MES and ERP combined with ARC Informatique’s redundancy capabilities give end users access to key data with maximum application availability. 
Today’s business world relies on email for communications. PcVue 8.10 has integrated email for users to receive data by email directly from the system.

Web Services was introduced in the previous version of PcVue to integrate diverse applications. It has been further enhanced into a standard toolkit containing two basic Web Portals.  Using this latest technology, users can rapidly create their application. The end user can now integrate all relevant elements for creating one cohesive application that is easy to use.

ARC Informatique has enhanced its Smart Generator – the automatic tag generator for PcVue. Smart Generator reduces configuration time and errors by importing the tag database directly from the PLC. Communication to Schneider Unity, Wago Codesys and a generic XML interface is already supported and work is underway on interfaces to other platforms.

Several new communication protocols have been added:
Siemens S7 ISO and PPI protocol, ABB SPA-bus serial, Unitelway, Hilscher Netlink MPI Slave with new updated protocols for Wago-Dali, MODBUS IP, SAIA IP and serial.

Coupled with the major new features, further enhancements include the ability to display multiple mimics as tabs in a single window, text import and increased communication facilities. These bring benefits for today’s demanding users such as CERN, Airbus Industry and Schneider Electric.

ARC Informatique’s corporate strategy continues to develop with the release of PcVue 8.10 - the core of the PcVue Solutions suite. This latest version fulfils an important part of this strategy along with the integration of the Historical Data Server, Dream Report and IntraVue. With PcVue’s redundant server configuration, users can maintain continuity for control and process management.

PcVue Sea Pte. Ltd. will be exhibiting in IA 2007 (Industrial Automation) Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, from 18 to 21 July 2007 and will also host a series of seminars for integrators and end users across South East Asia and China in 2007 to explain the architecture and benefits of PcVue Solutions. For more information click on this link or see

Courtesy of Pc Vue